Federal Borrowers Get to Skip Another Student Loan Payment

Millions of student loan borrowers who haven’t had to make a payment since the pandemic shut down the nation last winter just got an additional reprieve. The payment pause, known as a forbearance, began March 13 as part of the original coronavirus relief package and has now been extended twice by the Trump administration, most recently … Continued

What Exactly Is a Student Loan Grace Period?

You’ve graduated college and are ready to enter the “real world.” But even though your school years are behind you, you’ll probably be paying for them for years to come. Fortunately, most federal student loans come with a grace period to give you some breathing room between graduation and when payments are due. But what … Continued

8 Student Loan Tips for the Class of 2016

Nothing says, “Welcome to adulthood” quite like getting your first student loan bill in the mail. If student loans are your reality, here are some tips that may help you (from someone who is going through this too). 1. Don’t ignore your student loans! I think everyone can agree that student loans are no fun … Continued

Another New Repayment Option for Federal Direct Student Loan Borrowers (REPAYE)

Have you heard the news? The Department of Education introduced a new student loan repayment plan in December 2015. The new REPAYE (REvised Pay As You Earn) Plan is meant to make repayment easier for more student borrowers. But how does the new plan work? How do you know if it’s the right plan for you? … Continued

Student Loan Grace Period Over? 5 Things You Should Do Next

Your student loan grace period is like spring break for your loans. There’s nothing you need to worry about during this time, and barring other concerns, your financial life should be fairly stress-free. But once the period ends, reality sets in. The end of your grace period means that it’s time for you to begin … Continued