You’re Never Too Old for a Good Back-to-School Sale

So you’re not in the market for a protractor. And the last time you needed glue sticks, you also needed permission for field trips. Shop back-to-school sales anyway, because stores discount more than just the items on school supply lists. Even if you’re not a student, you can take advantage of deals on home goods, clothes, shoes, … Continued

How to Have a Proper Parental Fight Over College Costs

As teens submit college applications and weigh different post-graduation paths, their parents face tough decisions, too. Do they: Help pay tuition, even if it means dipping into retirement savings? Take out parent loans, as a growing number of people do? Encourage their children to attend a dream college, no matter the cost? When couples clash over the … Continued

What You Should Know About Money in Your 30s and 40s

Changing your financial state  requires a kind of time travel to commune with your future self.  Where do you want to be in 10, 20 years? Are you on the right path, or heading in the wrong direction? The time value of money—that is, how savings, investments and debt levels compound with the passing of … Continued