Overshopped in December? Try These 3 Strategies to Recover

Christmas, Hanukkah and the holiday season have come and gone — likely taking quite a bit of your cash with them. You can’t magically make more money appear in your bank account. And it’s definitely too late to ask Santa for a check. But here are three of the next best things you can do. 1. Adjust … Continued

Is Online College for You? Answer 5 Questions to Find Out

Amelia Roberts, a nurse in Washington, D.C., knew she needed to return to college for a bachelor’s degree if she wanted to win a care coordinator position at her hospital. But attending college on a campus wasn’t a practical option for her. “I was in the workforce, so traveling to a class in the evening … Continued

Map Out a Year’s Worth of Shopping Right Now

We’ve probably all regretted buying something too hastily, but the opposite can also happen — you pass up a sale, and then see the item for a much higher price later. To save your wallet the dings of mistimed shopping trips, we studied trends and asked experts when the products you’ll be shopping for will … Continued

What’s Up Next?

Imagine: You’re about to transition from high school to college. You’re secretly not sure what you’re going to do now that mom or dad won’t wake you up for school or force you to do your homework, but you refuse to admit that out loud… Imagine: You’re leaving college – no more studying! But that … Continued

Sean Talks Credit: What I Learned From the Credit Card Mistakes of My 20s

My 20s have featured some big financial hits — and some painful misses. Among the successes: I finished school, got a great job and saved for retirement while paying student loan debt. After turning 29 a few weeks ago, I can honestly say that I feel pretty good about how I’ve managed my personal finances … Continued

What Exactly Is a Student Loan Grace Period?

You’ve graduated college and are ready to enter the “real world.” But even though your school years are behind you, you’ll probably be paying for them for years to come. Fortunately, most federal student loans come with a grace period to give you some breathing room between graduation and when payments are due. But what … Continued

8 Common Student Loan Mistakes

Mistake #1: Letting your contact information become out-of-date Moving away from campus? Changing your cell phone number or e-mail address? Make sure you let your loan servicer know. Their services are provided free of charge, but they can only help you if they can reach you. Mistake #2: Paying for student loan help You may have … Continued

8 Student Loan Tips for the Class of 2016

Nothing says, “Welcome to adulthood” quite like getting your first student loan bill in the mail. If student loans are your reality, here are some tips that may help you (from someone who is going through this too). 1. Don’t ignore your student loans! I think everyone can agree that student loans are no fun … Continued

Great Advice for Great Students

Way to go, Class of 2016! You’ve reached a big milestone — and it’s only just the beginning. Now it’s time to make some plans to see where life can take you (and how some smart money strategies can help you along the way). Inceptia is here to help you get started on your journey. … Continued

How to Become Habitually Frugal

“Frugality is often borne out of necessity but eventually it becomes habitual.” Jim Wang grew up living a frugal lifestyle, and although he can now live more comfortably, his frugal habits stuck with him. He shares a few things he’s learned over the years, and how they can help you become habitually frugal, too. Take … Continued