Travel Prices Are Coming Back to Earth

Skyrocketing airfares earlier this year and recent headlines about persistent inflation may be discouraging potential travelers. Yet recent data suggest that prices for hotels, air travel and rental cars are softening this autumn. And the U.S. dollar’s continued strength has driven down international travel costs. The Consumer Price Index report released in September showed overall … Continued

How to Travel Safely and Cheaply This Summer

As vaccination rates inch upward, Americans are beginning to travel again. More than 10 times as many passengers passed through Transportation Security Administration screenings in the first week of April compared with the same period last year, a sign that some degree of normalcy is returning. And travel this summer could get far busier. “Right … Continued

(How) Should I Travel for the Holidays?

Remember when we used to make plans? It was so long ago now you may not remember, but we actually used to start booking our holiday travel in the summer before prices rose to unaffordable levels. That’s right: We could predict what the world would be like months in advance back then. Times have certainly … Continued

Booking Last-Minute Spring Break Travel? Here’s How to Get the Most From Your Miles.

A recent NerdWallet survey found that fully one-third of Americans plan to travel during spring break, which lasts from late February to early April, roughly. This means three things: Travel to popular destinations will be expensive. People will want to use their miles and points to offset these costs. SPRING BREEEEAAKKKK!!! Ahem. In the past, using frequent … Continued

Which Airline Has the Most Valuable Rewards?

Many factors go into choosing airline loyalty, from the legroom (or lack thereof) to the customer service (ditto). Yet the one variable that matters most is also the hardest to answer with a simple Google search: Which airline’s rewards program offers the most value? Not knowing the answer to this simple question is like trying … Continued