U.S. Drivers’ Gas Spending Soars Toward $562 Billion in 2022

If there were a poster child for current inflation, it would be the price of gasoline. While prices on all goods and services across the country are up 9.1%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, gas prices are up 60% over the past year. And this increase puts American drivers on a path to … Continued

College-Bound Grads May Share $40K in Debt With Their Parents

This year’s high school graduates could take on nearly $40,000 in student loan debt in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, according to a NerdWallet analysis. And with this debt stretching across federal, parent and private loan sources, the final cost of their education will grow far beyond tuition and fees. Today, it’s nearly impossible to … Continued

Dorm Costs Have Soared, but Many Freshmen Have No Choice

Living in the dorms is a rite of passage for millions of first-year college students. But like the rest of the college experience, it’s costly. And in many cases it’s mandatory. Moving my only daughter into the dorms of scenic Appalachian State University her freshman year was tough on us both, but an exciting time. … Continued

Your Taxes, Your Responsibility: What Hiring a Tax Pro Doesn’t Buy You

Hiring someone to complete your tax return is like hiring a mechanic to fix your car or a real estate agent to help you buy a home. While it can take a significant amount of stress out of a complex job, it doesn’t necessarily prevent all problems or absolve you when problems occur. One-third of … Continued

Back-to-School Shopping: Kids Influenced by Social Media Push Parents to Overspend

Kids pushing their parents for the coolest in back-to-school gear is a late-summer tradition, and today, youngsters have some backup: social media influencers. Peer and social media influences on children are not news unto themselves, but it turns out these factors are affecting how parents spend their back-to-school dollars, according to a new NerdWallet survey … Continued

If You’re Expecting a Tax Refund, Make a Plan to Grow It

Hiding your income tax refund in your sock drawer may feel handy, and locking it in your safe may feel secure, but putting it in the right savings or investment vehicle will make it grow. Americans expecting a refund on their 2018 federal income taxes anticipate they’ll get $1,861 back, on average, according to a new … Continued

Budgeting for New Homeowners: Plan for Additional Expenses

The stress and excitement of buying a house has come and gone — it’s time to hang a welcome sign and call it home. But a new journey in budgeting begins once you’ve paid the closing costs and tipped the movers. Now it’s time to learn to budget as a homeowner. If you’re new to … Continued