What You Need To Know About Lowering Your Student Loan Payment

If you’re anything like Acacia Squires, you may have no idea that there are federal loan repayment options that can cap your payments at ten percent of your income. That’s right – ten percent, with the potential to have your loans forgiven after so many years in repayment. In this article, Acacia shares her surprise at not only finding out that such programs exist, but that she actually qualified for them. Hear her story of discovery and exploration of what works – and doesn’t – when it comes to your loan servicer.

To read “Did You Know You Can Lower Your Student Loan Payments? I Didn’t” by Acacia Squires, click here.

And don’t forget to check back in a few weeks when we share more information about the new REPAYE option, which will allow even more borrowers to qualify for loan forgiveness and a ten percent payment cap.