As the holidays march steadily closer, you may start to think you could use a little more money to make your holiday dreams come true. Why not try part-time work?

Any one of these nine options might get you over the seasonal money hump many consumers face:

Mall Markets

American retailers want to add about 700 thousand seasonal workers in 2015. Why shouldn’t one of them be you? In addition to working the cash register, these stores’ seasonal employees must wrap presents, greet customers and stock shelves.

Local stores post signs and advertise openings. You can also check out what’s available atCareerbuilder and Monster.

Delivery Dividends

Delivery companies often add employees during the holiday rush. FedEx, UPS, DHL and even the U.S. Postal Service hire seasonal help.

The work can be brisk and physically demanding. However, if you like to move, it’s not a bad way to earn extra bucks.

Errand Operations

Everyone is busy at holiday time. Some people have more money than time and are willing to pay others to take care of shopping chores. Presents, food and decorations: If you like to shop anyway, this could be the perfect part-time gig.

Advertise locally in places where potential clients might see your notice. You know your area best: What spots would get the most — and the intended — eyes?

Tidying Trade

Busy and well-off folks might also need help getting their homes ready for the holidays. A thorough cleaning is called for when people are entertaining.

Offer a one-shot deep cleaning service rather than a weekly visit — you won’t be tied down to a routine when you’ve reached your monetary goal.

On a related note, you might be hired to set out homeowners’ holiday decorations after you’ve tidied their houses.

Stay-at-Home Stint

If you can’t or don’t want to leave the house to earn some extra cash, a micro job might be for you. Online companies or busy professionals pay small amounts for small tasks like data entry, writing, research and translating.

You won’t make a lot with these, but the work is convenient. It fits whatever schedule you have. If you’re an accurate and quick worker, the pay adds up.

Purging Proceeds

Check your closets, attics, basements and crawl spaces: What’s around your house that you don’t want or need, but others might? High-quality clothing, electronics, sporting equipment… the list goes on.

You can try to sell your treasures locally on Craigslist. The website is a free service, and the transaction can be quick.

Consignment shops in your area take gently used brand-name clothing and pay you when it sells — eBay promotes your merchandise to a wider audience, but sellers typically pay small fees in return.

Electronics are hot items. Sell smart phones, tablets and Apple products at Gazelle’s website.Gamestop, Networth and uSell also handle electronics.

Metal merchants might purchase outdated or unloved silver or gold jewelry for scrap. To get the best deal, check a variety of local and online buyers.

Skillful Sales

If you are artistic or crafty, you may be able to sell your work at holiday time. What’s your specialty? Soap, decorations, knit or crocheted goods, specialty foods, baby or pet items: Use your imagination and your skills.

Bazaars, craft shows and church fetes pop up during the season. Some participation fees are low or even non-existent. Set up a table and sell your stuff.

Online, Etsy and eBay offer opportunities for arts and crafters. You’ll have to post your wares and mail them out when (hopefully) they sell like hotcakes.

Kid Connections

If you like kids (and don’t go for this unless you do), babysitting can be profitable. Many parents are looking for reliable childcare so they can go to parties, finish up shopping or just have some couples’ time.

Craigslist, houses of worship, kids’ dance and sports centers and community bulletin boards — such as those at the library — are good places to post ads. Check for parenting groups in your area as well, and touch base with them.

Consider sitting for several kids at once to maximize your potential earnings. Publicize a specific afternoon or evening and let local parents know that you’ll entertain several kids in your home — and you only have a certain number of spots available. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to have some time to themselves while the kids are safely entertained.

If you’re going to host several children, hire an older sibling or fellow parent to help out. You might split the profit, but you’ll still make more.

Pet Posts

Do you like animals better than kids? Use similar outlets to advertise dog-walking and pet-sitting services.

During the holidays, some people might be too busy to do right by Fido. Also, folks who will be away visiting family might prefer in-home services over boarding kennels.

What to Do?

If you’re serious about making money for the holidays, consider how much time you have to spend and what you’re willing to do. In a best-case scenario, you’ll find a way to do something you like and also pull in extra cash.


This article comes from our friends at Phroogal. It was originally published on December 2, 2015, and can be found on their website here.