Being a Financially Responsible Student: Highlights from Our Chat with Inceptia

Inceptia joined Wise Bread for the #WBChat on February 1st to share insights on how to be a financially responsible student. Our #Knowl #WBChat featured awesome tips to help people learn about how students can be financially responsible. In total we had 105 participants, reached over 270K people, and had over 12.9 million impressions.


A preview of the TweetChat:


@wisebread: This week we have Inceptia joining us. Thanks for being here @Inceptia! 


@Inceptia: We’re excited to be here – thank you for having us, and thank you all for joining!


@wisebread: .@Inceptia, can you tell us about the ?


@Inceptia: The (knowledgeable owl) provides judgement-free information, tips, & resources to help students become financially empowered.


Continue reading highlights from the Wise Bread and Inceptia TweetChat here for financially responsible student advice.