What You Need to Know About Lifestyle Inflation and Its Impact in Your Life

Buy that Porsche. Buy that dress. Buy that watch. Buy that house. Get it all! Why? Because lifestyle inflation isn’t the end of the world. You may embrace minimalism for reasons other than money. That is great. The planet needs protected and fewer material things can make a person feel better. This type of post … Continued

Fast and Easy Airport Travel Hacks

I’m writing this while waiting to board my flight from NYC to Charlotte, NC. I just finished eating a delicious all-natural peanut butter and banana sandwich on wheat which I made earlier today. It’s cheaper (and not to mention healthier) than eating airport food. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to take your own food through security … Continued

What To Do Upon Reaching Financial Freedom

I’ve seen this question arise numerous times on forums, blogs, and nearly each time I talk with an early retiree in-person. It seems like such a first-world problem. But I understand. Sometimes we as humans are so focused on achieving a goal, we forget to plan our next one. This sort of happened to me … Continued