3 Money Tools to Save You From Yourself

Dipping into your savings is like fast food: It’s convenient and tempting, and it might leave you a little queasy the next morning. Doing so can also eat into your financial goals, whether that’s a big trip abroad or a simple emergency fund. You can, however, avoid scratching that spending itch with these tools, which … Continued

University Checking Accounts Don’t Make the Grade

Like many college freshmen, Tyler Riley arrived on the West Virginia University campus and immediately faced a series of decisions: which classes to take, which clubs to join, whom to befriend. Compared with these, the choice to open a checking account at his school’s on-campus bank felt like a no-brainer. “I first decided to bank … Continued

Spring Clean Your Finances

Warmer temperatures make it a good time to thaw out and soak up some much-needed vitamin D. Why not use the subsequent energy boost to tidy up your personal finances? Performing some financial spring cleaning can help you avoid making a mess of your fiscal affairs down the road. Here’s where to get started. Revamp … Continued