Manage Money: 10 Signs You’re Headed into Financial Trouble

My friend had a stable job making $85,000 a year with moderate debt that included a mixture of credit cards and student loans. He lived a comfortable lifestyle often eating at fine restaurants and traveling. He shared with me that has all changed. My friend who was never late on bill payments was now facing some … Continued

The Rebirth of YOLO to Live The Best Life in This Lifetime

After spending 30 days on the road and participating in 37 events, there was one message I shared that resonated with people all across the country. It might be surprising to most because it’s an acronym we used years ago but is finding new meaning today. That acronym is YOLO for You Only Live Once. … Continued

6 Money Mindset Lessons for Any Generation

As a millennial, I dream big and everything I do is intentional and serves a purpose. I wasn’t always this way. It took years of professional success, financial distress and low personal satisfaction to get to where I am today. I am more mindful of the decisions I make and understand the implications my financial … Continued