Rejected for a Personal Loan? Here’s How to Recover

Getting rejected for a personal loan can feel like a punch to the gut. It’s easy to get discouraged, especially if it delays plans to consolidate debt or renovate your home. Instead of taking the rejection personally, use it as motivation to build your credit and supplement your income so you win approval the next … Continued

4 Ways to Save on Housing Costs in Your 20s

Young adults paying off student loans or saving for their first home won’t soon reach their financial goals just by cutting out Starbucks or canceling their gym membership. A faster way to save money is to trim housing expenses. Here are four ways to save on housing and free up money to pay off debt, save … Continued

Got Debt? Get a Side Hustle

If you’ve got debt and a main job that covers your regular monthly expenses, aim to apply earnings from side hustles directly to your debts. Flexible side hustles that are worth your time do exist (and we’re not talking about pyramid schemes or online surveys). There are legitimate options to help pay off debt. And the extra … Continued