What Is a Perfect Credit Score? It Might Not Be What You Think

This summer, CNBC reported the national average for the most popular credit score, the FICO, hit an all-time high of 700. That’s just 150 points below the highest FICO score you can get, an 850. Although this is good news for Americans’ credit health, Type A household-money managers might wonder what they have to do to get … Continued

4 Essential Steps to Decide if College is Worth it for You

Is college worth it? That’s a tricky question. College isn’t cheap, but many believe it’s the way to obtain a “good” job. You have to spend money to make money, right? But does that make it worth it? It depends. The cost of college has created a situation in which 44 millionpeople have had to use … Continued

Do You Owe Taxes on Your College Scholarship?

There’s nothing like your first-ever paycheck to teach you about the reality of taxes. And as we get older, the many ways our money goes to the government become even more apparent. But what about college scholarships? Surely the money you received to pay for your education can’t be taxed, right? The truth is, it could be. To find … Continued

6 Ways to Manage Money After Your Epic Budgeting Fail

Do you ever completely screw up your budget? You have a few days or weeks when you manage money perfectly and then all of a sudden you just massively blow it out of the water? This happens to everyone at least once. Even the most perfect of budgeters have a moment where they flat-out don’t … Continued