How Acing the PSAT Can Lead to Scholarship Money

If you’re like most high schoolers, you probably think of the PSAT as a practice run for the SAT. But this test actually has some pretty high stakes of its own. In fact, its full name is the PSAT/NMSQT, or National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. If you get a top score on the test, you … Continued

Need-Based vs. Non-Need-Based Financial Aid: Here’s the Difference

In the spring of 2017, George Washington University President Steven Knapp visited high schools across Washington, D.C. He had amazing news for 10 talented students: They had earned full-ride scholarships to the university. The university selected these students based on their achievements, but merit-based scholarships aren’t the only kind of aid that go into financial … Continued

Complete Guide to Military Student Loan Forgiveness and Repayment

When Deborah Rykers graduated from college in 2008, she didn’t think she would spend eight years of her life in the United States Air Force. As an education graduate, that wasn’t her plan. “An opportunity came my way, and I was recruited by a friend of mine,” said Rykers. “It was the best eight years … Continued

5 Student Loan Tips You’re Better Off Ignoring

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to paying off student loan debt. You need to know what works for your personal situation. What helps one person could actually harm someone else. Here are five common pieces of advice that don’t always pan out so well for borrowers. Read on to learn what’s wrong with … Continued

7 Convenient Bill-Splitting Apps for Happy Housemates

Remember how Chandler always covered Joey’s share of the rent in Friends? Most of us don’t have Chandler Bings to foot our bills, but we do have something none of the Friends gang did in the ’90s — bill-splitting apps. With these useful apps for roommates, you can divide everything even-steven, whether it’s rent, groceries, or a … Continued