Is Car Flipping Worth It?

Flipping cars has been a side hustle for years as a way to make a little extra cash. But in an era of rising used car prices and online vehicle ordering, the game has changed — and the profits are much higher. Here’s how car flipping works: A person orders an in-demand vehicle from the factory at … Continued

Don’t Spend a Dollar to Save a Nickel on Gas

With the cost of gas soaring, it’s not uncommon to hear people say, “I’ve really got to buy a hybrid.” If your goal is to save money, this could be a disastrous move unless you needed a new car anyway. While you might save money at the pump, the cost of prematurely switching from a … Continued

5 Mistakes That Can Lead to a Bad Car Loan

5 Mistakes That Can Lead to a Bad Car Loan As if we need more bad news about car buying, an analysis by Consumer Reports shows that many Americans are drastically overpaying for their car loans. And we can’t place all the blame on the pandemic or supply chain problems. In one case, Consumer Reports … Continued

5 Car-Buying Mistakes to Avoid in Today’s Overheated Market

If you’re shopping for a new or used car in today’s overheated market, you’ll find that the game has changed. A variety of conditions have seemingly given sellers the upper hand. “Skimpy inventories and sky-high prices have caused many buyers to postpone their purchases,” says Michelle Krebs, executive analyst for Cox Automotive, a leading communication, … Continued

Sometimes You Need a Map, Not an App

Believe it or not, there are still plenty of places in the U.S. where there’s no cell phone service and, as a result, no way of navigating with your smartphone on the spot. You might have to use — brace yourself — a map. Remember maps? They’re made of paper, and no matter how hard … Continued

In This Hot Used Car Market, Used Plug-Ins Can Be a Deal

With used car prices soaring and the cost of gas up nearly $1 over last year, a used electric vehicle — either a plug-in hybrid or an all-electric car — could be a real money saver. The price of used cars has risen 48% year over year, according to the Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index. … Continued

Put the Cap on Gas Prices: 6 Ways to Save at the Pump

When the price of oil spiked during the February deep freeze, I started using a gas price app and was amazed to find that the cost of fuel in my area varied by 70 cents a gallon. By purchasing the cheapest gas, I could save $8.40 each fillup and as much as $220 a year. … Continued

Is It Finally Time to Get an Electric Car?

Electric cars now drive farther, charge faster and come in nearly every price range. But when GMC began promoting its Hummer EV pickup truck to be released this year, it became even clearer that electric cars are primed to go mainstream. Once the domain of environmentalists, then early adopters, EVs may soon have even truck … Continued

Upgrade Your Old Car With New-Car Tech

Time has marched on since you last bought a car. You may love the reliable, low-mileage car parked in the garage but still long to make a hands-free phone call or summon up a song off Pandora. But you don’t need to spend $35,000 on a new car just to get a rear backup camera … Continued

5 Car-Buying Tips From My Days as an Undercover Salesman

Some years ago, I became an undercover car salesman at two different dealerships in Southern California, as part of an investigative series for an automotive website. What I learned surprised and scared me, as I described in the resulting article, “Confessions of a Car Salesman.” Selling cars turned out to be the perfect training for … Continued