Great Advice for Students and Parents

At Inceptia, the foundation of our nonprofit mission is to arm students and schools with the knowledge necessary to make informed financial choices. As a high school junior or senior, you probably haven’t made very many financial decisions that affect your long-term financial well-being, but that’s about to change. College is likely your first big … Continued

Tips for Your Parents: How to Choose a Teen Checking Account

Students, this might be for mom and dad, but you’ll find some helpful tips in this article, too. If you don’t have a checking account yet, it might be time to start searching. Check out “How to Choose a Teen Checking Account” for tips that will help you choose your first bank account and start your … Continued

Peer Advice: What to do With Your Student Refund Check

The start of every new school year means a lot of students look forward to their financial aid disbursing – but for all the wrong reasons. The infamous refund check, the check handed over to students after aid is applied to their account, leaves many saying “I can’t wait for school to start again so … Continued

FAFSA Available This Week!

Have you heard? Big changes are coming that will forever change the financial aid process! For the first time in FAFSA history, students can now complete the FAFSA in the fall AND use tax information from the previous year. These changes will go into effect on  October 1, 2016, the day that students and parents … Continued

What’s Up Next?

Imagine: You’re about to transition from high school to college. You’re secretly not sure what you’re going to do now that mom or dad won’t wake you up for school or force you to do your homework, but you refuse to admit that out loud… Imagine: You’re leaving college – no more studying! But that … Continued

FAFSA Updates Coming Soon

Change is coming – and this change can make the financial aid process a lot more simple! On October 1st, you can submit your FAFSA for the 2017-18 school year using your 2015 tax information. Does this update sound familiar? You may have heard of this referred to as PPY (Prior-Prior Year). Simply put, PPY … Continued

Back to School Without Breaking the Bank

You’ve probably already heard them; the worst three words of summer: “back-to-school.” The end of July is the Sunday of summer. You still have a whole month left, but you’ve already got that first email from an overeager professor. Stores have started putting up their back-to-school displays, and shorts and tank tops are put on … Continued

Peer Advice: What You Can Do Now to Get Financially Ready for College

And that’s a wrap. Another year has come and gone and I am officially down to three semesters left of college. Where has the time gone? When I reflect on the last two years, I think about how much I’ve learned since I was a junior in high school. If only I could have known … Continued

Measuring and Understanding Your Financial Well-Being

Financial well-being: the phrase can conjure up a number of different interpretations, depending on who you’re asking. For some, it can mean having an emergency fund. Others may think it’s finally paying off those student loans (woo-hoo!) Still, others may simply believe that financial well-being is attained by making a lot of money. But that’s … Continued

How to Become Habitually Frugal

“Frugality is often borne out of necessity but eventually it becomes habitual.” Jim Wang grew up living a frugal lifestyle, and although he can now live more comfortably, his frugal habits stuck with him. He shares a few things he’s learned over the years, and how they can help you become habitually frugal, too. Take … Continued