5 Key Numbers to Know About Savings Accounts

You don’t have to be a numbers person to have a healthy bank account. But when it comes to savings, knowing a few key figures can help you maximize your options. Here are five numbers that can help you determine if a savings account is ideal — or if it could cost you. 1. Minimum … Continued

4 Ways to Sustain Savings Habits From the Pandemic

Whether out of choice or necessity, many people spent less money in the last year and a half on things like entertainment, clothes and furniture. For some, that meant holding on to more of their income. If you were able to save some cash, you’ve set yourself up to withstand future financial crises, especially if … Continued

Savings Tips for Newbies, Experts and Everyone in Between

When it comes to saving money, this year may look a little different from years past. The savings rate is lower than its peak of about 34% in April 2020, but Americans are still saving more than they did before the pandemic. This is according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, which defines savings … Continued

What to Do When You Can’t Open a Bank Account

Signing up for a bank account is usually easy. But just as an application for a credit card might not be approved, a bank or credit union could deny an account application. If this happens to you, be aware that you have other options. However, it’s a good idea to try to learn why the … Continued

Savings Rates Are Staying Low. Here’s Why, and What to Do

If your bank has lowered rates on your savings account, don’t take it personally. It’s not you, it’s them. Interest rates have dropped across the board, and they’re likely to stay low for a while. Yes, your savings may be earning smaller yields, but with a little time and attention, there are still ways to … Continued

How to Bank When You Can’t Go to the Bank

It’s a tough time to do your banking if you prefer going to a branch. Hours have been cut at many locations, and social distancing guidelines mean bank lobbies are limiting traffic — assuming they are open at all. For customers who absolutely need to visit branches, banks are taking steps to prevent the spread … Continued

How to Keep Your Spirits Up in the Long Game of Saving

Dreaming of a savings goal is almost always fun — a sunny vacation, the perfect home, a dazzling holiday gift. But think about how long it can take to get there, and all that fun might fade away. Even if you’re doing the right things, such as cutting your expenses or taking a part-time job … Continued

How ‘Free Money’ Bank Promotions Can Boost Your Savings

Bank interest rates are hardly considered a big perk — there are many Scrooge-like accounts out there that barely pay enough to offer loose change. But some people are getting $100, $200, even more than $300 from their banks. Their secret? Free money promotions. Banks are paying customers to open savings and checking accounts. Bank … Continued

Banking Has Changed, but Criminals Haven’t — Here’s How to Protect Your Money

This year marks a decade since the global financial crisis. Although the biggest financial institutions still dominate the landscape, banking has undergone some changes. The proliferation of smartphones means mobile banking now plays a significant role in how we manage our money. A 2016 Fed survey found that over half of smartphone users with bank accounts used … Continued

With Mobile Pay, You Can Go Without a Wallet at Checkout

When you’re at the checkout line this holiday season, you could juggle your bags and dig into your purse or billfold for your credit or debit card. Or you could use that phone you’re already clutching, or that new smartwatch strapped to your wrist. Many stores now accept mobile wallets, a technology that lets customers … Continued