Completing the FAFSA: How Your Dependency Status Affects Your Aid

If you’re going to college, completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an important first step in funding your education. Last year, over 18 million people completed the FAFSA, and the federal government disbursed over $120 billion in federal student aid, reported the U.S. Department of Education. However, completing the FAFSA for the first time … Continued

The Complete Guide to Federal Student Loans

The cost of college continues to rise. If you’re planning to attend school in the fall, you can expect high bills. A year of school at a private university costs $32,405 on average. Since most students don’t have that much money stashed in savings, many will turn to financial aid. There are many different types of … Continued

Battling Your Servicer? How a Student Loan Ombudsman Can Help

If you’re having issues with your student loan servicer and can’t resolve them, you can always contact a student loan ombudsman. An ombudsman reviews both sides of the problem to help identify a solution. Find out what issues a federal student aid ombudsman can resolve and how to contact one. What is a student loan ombudsman? The Federal … Continued

Make Under $64,000? Here Are 2 Free Tax Filing Options For You

Tax season is now underway. And for people already strapped for cash, it can be a real financial burden. The average cost to have a professional do your taxes in 2015 was $273. And if your budget is already stretched thin, that can be a significant expense. However, you can avoid spending money on expensive tax … Continued