How to Score Points in the Credit Game

Credit scoring can feel like a frustrating game — falls can be sudden and swift, and climbing is a slow slog. In reality, “all scoring models and lenders are aiming to do the same thing, which is to minimize risk,” says Jeff Richardson, senior vice president of marketing and communications for VantageScore, one of the … Continued

Scam Alert: How to Spot a Bogus Job

Lots of us grew accustomed to commute-free jobs during the pandemic and are hoping to find a way to continue to work from home. Scammers hoping to capitalize on that are taking elaborate measures — as far as fake interviews and background checks — to get people’s personal data and/or money. Lilly Gallaher of Pleasant … Continued

How to Fill In Your Financial Blind Spots

Knowing enough about money to cover your bills is a start, but it’s not enough financial literacy to provide long-term security. Most of us eventually wonder what else we should be doing — and whether what we don’t know could hurt us. “When you have a blind spot, you don’t realize until something blindsides you,” … Continued

Jump-Start Your Credit: Find and Fix Errors on Your Credit Report

Checking your credit reports can help you ensure that the information being used to calculate your credit scores is accurate and up to date. That’s valuable when you’re working on building credit. It’s also good to see what potential creditors see when they check your credit. Once you’ve used to get your reports from the three … Continued

Take These Cards Out of Your Wallet Right Now

Decluttering your wallet can give you a quick sense of accomplishment in the new year. You can check a task off your list and feel more organized and safer. A lost or stolen wallet holding too much personal and financial information puts you at risk of identity theft and fraud. Experts don’t always agree on … Continued

13 Ways to Leave Scammers Empty-Handed This Holiday Season

We’re primed to get suckered this holiday season. Tight budgets, wishful thinking that we can get a screaming deal if we hurry, and plain old impulsive spending are a dangerous mix. Scammers know this. One example: Clicking an online ad, maybe for an ornament featuring a Santa with twinkling eyes and a smile hidden under … Continued

How to Protect Your Credit When Shopping for the Holidays

The rules for protecting credit during the holidays usually don’t vary much from year to year, but in 2020, COVID-19 has changed where and how we shop. And money’s tight for a lot of people. About 40% of Americans said they plan to spend less on holidays this year due to the pandemic, according to … Continued

5 Credit Mistakes That Can Haunt You

Some credit mistakes are a lot worse than others. Little ones, like paying a credit card bill a day late, may cost you a penalty fee, but that’s a relatively minor irritation — it’s not going to stand between you and a mortgage. Other seemingly small slip-ups can lead to full-fledged disasters. What makes a … Continued

Why Good Credit Matters — Even if You Don’t Plan to Borrow

Even if you don’t plan to borrow a dime, a good credit record is valuable. Think of it like a household fire extinguisher: It’s smart to have a good one even though you have no plans to use it. And your credit can influence your life in ways beyond borrowing. Here’s why good credit is … Continued

How to Manage Your Credit Score During a Crisis

Even in a financial crisis, credit scoring still works the same as it always has. But managing your credit may look a little different now as the coronavirus pandemic leads to widespread financial upheaval. As money gets tighter, especially if you can’t pay every bill in full, you’ll need to be strategic — and perhaps … Continued