Stop Doing These 4 Things Online — Immediately

If you’re like many people, you might sign up for an online account at your gym, download the local movie theater’s app and share a cat video on Twitter all before 9 a.m. — and all without thinking twice. But when navigating the internet, security experts say, a little bit of deliberation often pays off … Continued

Your Easiest New Year’s Resolution: Make Your Savings Grow Faster

Sticking to your new year’s resolution is often a time-consuming proposition. Want to get fit? Be ready to spend hours at the gym. Considering a side hustle? Goodbye, weekends. But if your resolution is to save more, there’s one quick way to start: Open a high-yield online savings account. You can do this at many banks in less … Continued

How to Save $500

Here’s a hint: Skipping your daily coffee isn’t going to cut it. Little luxuries are a popular punching bag for financial gurus, but they’re usually not what really keeps you from reaching financial goals. Instead of eliminating lattes to save that first $500 — and beyond — try changing your mindset. Why $500? It can be a solid start … Continued

How Not to Be a Knucklehead on Venmo

Venmo takes the anxiety out of splitting brunch and utility bills. With a linked bank account and someone’s username, you can send and request cash in a few taps. But some wonder if the app makes it a little too easy for people to hit each other up for money. Just ask Soham Maniar of … Continued