Haven’t Filed Your Taxes Yet? Act Soon to Avoid Penalties

It’s easy for taxes to get lost in the shuffle of life during a normal year. This past year, that shuffle was intensified by the stresses of a pandemic. Thankfully, the IRS extended the deadline for paying 2020 taxes from April 15 to May 17, so people have a bit of extra time to get … Continued

What to Do With Extra Money

This article provides information and education for investors. NerdWallet does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. Despite the massive economic toll the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked on many people, others may have added some unexpected cash to their bank accounts. … Continued

5 Options for People Who Can’t Afford Their Tax Bills

If you know you’re getting a refund come tax time, filing your taxes can almost feel fun. But if you suspect you’re going to owe the IRS money you don’t have, it can be hard to even start the process. According to a NerdWallet survey, of those who failed to file by last year’s extended … Continued

If Doing Less Means Saving More, Try These 5 Money Moves

The coronavirus has upended countless jobs, schools and bank accounts. But while undoubtedly more people are struggling than not, those who are still working may have seen their expenses actually drop, due to canceled travel, limited dining options and more time at home. If you’ve managed to end up with extra money during the pandemic, … Continued

Let a Playlist Help You Make Good Money Moves

Next time you’re looking for financial advice, ignore your opinionated uncle and turn on Spotify. Over the decades, many pop stars, and rock, country and rap artists have offered catchy advice that can remind you to stick to your personal finance goals. Below, we rank some of the best: 1. ‘Diversify your bonds’ —Wu-Tang Clan … Continued