7 Convenient Bill-Splitting Apps for Happy Housemates

Remember how Chandler always covered Joey’s share of the rent in Friends?

Most of us don’t have Chandler Bings to foot our bills, but we do have something none of the Friends gang did in the ’90s — bill-splitting apps.

With these useful apps for roommates, you can divide everything even-steven, whether it’s rent, groceries, or a restaurant bill.

7 best bill-splitting apps for roommates

1. Splitwise

Running after your roommates to pay back every little expense is tiring, not to mention time-consuming. Bill-splitting app Splitwise tallies up all your IOUs so you can reimburse each other in one big payment, instead of a ton of little ones.

The app even sends reminder emails to help you keep up with payments, so you don’t have to nag your roomies. All you need to do is upload an expense and then choose who to share it with. You and your roommates can decide how often to settle the tab.

2. Venmo

Venmo is an easy, popular, and secure way to pay back your friends. With Venmo, you can add a bank account or debit card to transfer money between roommates at no charge.

Alternatively, you can keep money in your Venmo account and send it to your roommate — that $10 your friend paid you for dinner last week can go toward your electric bill, instead of getting lost in your bank account.

Venmo is a free way to transfer money between any two people who have the app. That means this bill-splitting app is not just useful for roommates — it’s also a great way to pay back friends and family.

3. IOU

IOU helps you keep track of all your debts to your roomies. You can upload expenses, share them equally among your housemates, and send each other email reminders.

You can even add recurring IOUs for monthly bills or create a payment plan for big purchases. For example, if your roommate breaks your TV and doesn’t have the cash now to pay you back, you can create incremental payments over a six month period.

With IOU, it’s easy to keep track of everything, plus you’ll have a record of your debt history. There will be no more confusion about whether your roomie paid you back yet for cleaning supplies or toilet paper.

4. RentShare

RentShare is helping the rental world do away with paper checks once and for all. It’s a secure way to pay your rent online from your bank account or credit card. If your landlord is on board, then she just needs to set up an account with direct deposit.

You can enable automatic payments or reminders among your housemates, so everyone is paying their share at the same time every month. There’s a $1.95 fee to pay from a bank account and 2.99 percent charge for credit cards.

5. Splitrr

Splitrr is an easy-to-use bill-splitting app that doesn’t even require a log-in. You can upload costs and choose even or uneven splittings with your roommates. You don’t even need internet access to use it – the app works offline.

If you want a history of debts, you can easily generate a PDF and email it to your housemates.

6. OurGroceries

Do you and your housemates share any food or drinks? If you have certain communal ingredients, you can share grocery lists through OurGroceries.

With this app, you can easily make and adjust grocery lists, crossing off any items that you’ve bought. You can also add random supplemental lists, like “our favorite wines” or “episodes to include in this weekend’s Friends marathon.”

7. Divvy

Speaking of food, Divvy is a great bill-splitting app to use at restaurants. If you and your roomies go to dinner and need to split the bill, app Divvy can photograph the bill, drag each item to the person who ordered it, and see each individual’s total.

With Divvy, you never have to write out math problems on the back of a restaurant bill or delivery receipt again.

Apps for roommates who care

More young people live with housemates today than ever before. According to Forbes, the number of people aged 25 to 34 who live with roommates increased by 39 percent from 2005 to 2015. While having roommates has lots of great benefits, it also requires compromise and open communication.

With these apps for roommates, you can head off any conflicts before they occur. By keeping everything transparent and accounted for, you can keep things running smoothly.

These apps split the bills, maintain household lists, and track expenses. Now if only they would take out the garbage and do the dishes for you!

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